Spicy Smokey Fresh Jalapeno Margaritas

One hot summer night a few years ago, my friends and I went to a restaurant called Mexican Radio for drinks, chips and salsa and I discovered my ultimate summer drink. At Mexican Radio they call it the Spicy Scorpion and what it is, is a classic margarita that’s kicked up with a muddled jalapeno and a little tiny splash of mezcal for smoky deliciousness. Mezcal is a tequila made in a certain location in Mexico and from only Blue Agave and has a very unique smokey flavor.    I sincerely wish I had invented this drink because I would name it after myself…perhaps something along the lines of “The Smokin’ Hot Leah.” Hahaha, just kidding. Sorta.  But anyway, it combines all the things I love, it’s salty, it’s tart, it’s smoky and it has tequila.  Lots of it.. win win win WIN.

Kitchen Tools

I use a couple of kitchen tools when I make this,  A muddler, like this one, which is only $5 and has the cute Williams Sonoma stamp on it.  I also use a citrus juicer like this one if I’m making more than one of these because I use a full lime per drink.

Leah”s Ingredient Snobbery for this Drink

Really- I have only one rule – the Tequila Can’t be super cheap. I like Hornitos Brand but any decent quality Tequila should be good. I chose the Fidencio brand of Mezcal (mostly because I liked the label.) I really am no expert on this type of Tequila.  Even though all types of Mezcal are a bit expensive a little bit goes a long because the flavor is powerful in a oaky scotch type way… so the bottle will last for a long time.


If you don’t want to buy Mezcal or can’t find it, don’t fret, you can use smoked salt for the rim of the glass to add smokiness.  I got mine at Target.

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Spicy Smokey Fresh Jalapeno Margaritas
Prep Time 5minutes
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Prep Time 5minutes
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  1. The Ingredients
  2. Pop your lime in the microwave for a few seconds or until slightly warm, this really helps any citrus release their juices. Cut it in half over your juicer or directly over the drink shaker if squeezing the lime by hand because it will drip when cut. Juice the lime. Use the pulp side of the juiced lime rind to rub the rim of your margarita glasses and then dip them in the salt. The sugar from the lime juice helps the salt stick to the glass. I used to try to do this with water and I could never figure out why my salt wouldn't stick. Duh.
  3. In these pics you can see that I actually used smoked salt - but to be honest, I ended up finding this too smokey in combination with the Mezcal -so I would say do either but not both.
  4. Next muddle your jalapeno in the bottom of your margarita glass. I use two slices but if you want more or less spice use more or less!
  5. Just smoosh it up until its partially crushed like so
  6. Now in your shaker add your ice and liquors to your lime juice and shake well. Pour it all into the glass over the jalapeno and garnish with a lime. Ta Dah!
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  1. This sounds so delicious !
    I did not know that about citrus fruit and microwaves, thanks for the tip. I cannot wait to try this recipe. Is 10:30 AM too soon? 😂

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