I keep deliberating about how I could possibly explain myself for this part of the blog…of course I could write the go-to ‘about’ page which would be something like: mother, lawyer dying for creativity turned decorator, but it seems trite and tired and though it would be factually accurate, doesn’t really speak to the essence of me.  Right now it’s striking me as a smidgen presumptuous that the collective “you” may care about the essence of me, but let’s just pretend that you do.

So short story long, I decided to go with an odd angle on this (seeing as I’m professing to be creative and all) – here goes.

I think if you really get down to it (and I’ve done a good bit of thinking on this matter) my passion for home decor got its start with the Little Twin Stars. I think they have names. And if I knew those names I would be able to thank them. I should get on that.  Anyway, as a little girl I was obsessed with decorating my room and arranging my stuff. Which was all sorts of fancy pencils and erasers and lip glosses and mini inflatable palm trees and I called it my “big girl stuff.” My two most treasured pieces were my pink tv and boom box.  I used to keep my closet light on with the door closed so that I could imagine that it was my own personal bathroom off my room (decorated fabulously of course) (probably a jacuzzi tub).

Different interests and elements of creativity came in and out of my life, writing was a big one. Fashion. Cooking. Baking. Cake decorating. Scrapbooking. Card making. Organizing. Gift giving. Party throwing. Gardening. Flower arranging. Gift wrapping. Kids clothes. Photography. Wreath making. Garland making….. But decor was a constant.

When I turned 11 my parents built new construction and I got to figure out what I wanted to do for my new room. I picked out wallpaper with bouquets of flowers and white wicker furniture. It was the 80’s.

Freshman year of college I managed to convince my roommate to buy matching bookshelves and a white wall to wall carpet for our room. It was so practical and looked awesome by June.

Sophomore year I covered the entire dorm room floor (and radiator) in wood grained contact paper. I bought sheer curtains and tied a dryer sheet onto our voranado fan because this was pre-scented candles (man, am I dating myself here.) People would come in and ask why we got a different room than everyone else?

The journey of renovating this home has been a fun one and the always changing decor is a huge artistic outlet for me.

For years people have told me to to do a blog. And so here I am. Doing a little blog about my life, and decor, and a little of all of those other things that inspire me sprinkled in… and hopefully I can inspire someone else along the way.


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